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05/12 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeRenzi’s referendum defeat risks Italy political crisis. Mr Renzi announced his resignation after his plan to reform the constitution was rejected by voters. Italy’s president, who he will see later on Monday, will decide whether to appoint a new PM or hold elections.

FT Europe 

EU relief after Austria pushes back against far-right populism

Van der Bellen wins 53.3% in presidential poll. Pro-European stance secures victory.


Austrians reject populist

Nationalist is defeated in break with string of anti-establishment electoral wins in West.


Rain forests’ big threat: Big banks

Loans have helped agricultural companies clear Indonesian land. Big banks pose threat to Indonesian rain forests.


Le Monde 

Trump challenges China and reinforces fears over his diplomacy

Increasing doubts emerge about the President-elect’s way of handling diplomatic affairs and his modus operandi.

Les Echos

Valls opens 2017 battle on mined terrain

The candidacy of Manuel Valls is expected to be announced soon, before his probable departure from Matignon. He is going to have to unite a PS that he helped divide, and repel Macron’s assaults.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Clear victory for Van der Bellen in Austrian presidential election

FPÖ candidate Hofer admits defeat. Steinmeier: A signal against populism.

Süddeutsche Zeitung 

Clear lead for Van der Bellen

The former Greens’ boss wins the presidential election in Austria according to the early results. His opponent, the FPÖ politician Norbert Hofer, remains behind expectations.


La Repubblica 

The “No” triumphs, Renzi quits

No vote leads with 60%. The “No” triumphs in the South. Record participation rate.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Italy choses no, Renzi: I resign

PM: “clear defeat, my responsibility”. Mattarella the “helmsman” of the crisis.


Gazeta Wyborcza

Austria chose Europe

Alexander Van der Bellen, of the Greens, has been elected Austria’s new President. He used to say that he would defend a united Europe until his dying breath as he does not want to wake up one day and see that there is no Europe for lack of Europeans.


El Pais

Austrians put an end to the far-right dream

Pro-European Van der Bellen clearly beat radical Hofer.


Economic forecast for 2017

Spain’s economy targets 2.5% growth in 2017. Industrial activity, tourism and consumption are expected to pave the way for the growth.



The Times 

Europe in turmoil as Italian PM is defeated

Markets braced for turbulence after Renzi quits.

The Guardian

Turn of the tide: Europeans hail Austrian far-right defeat

Former Green leader is elected head of state.




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