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31/07 – today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC Europe - Brexit: Race to host EU agencies relocated from London. EU countries have until midnight to submit bids to provide a new home for two agencies that will be relocated from the UK after Brexit. The European Banking Authority (EBA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), based in Canary Wharf in London, employ just over 1,000 staff between them. The banking and medicines agencies are seen as the first spoils of Brexit by the 27 remaining members of the EU.



Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon…Fiscal impunity

After having avoided a tax adjustment worth €1.115 billion in France, the French Finance Ministry proposes an agreement to Google; something which shows the failure of European tax policies faced with GAFA



The audi tremor

The VW daughter gets deeper into the Dieselgate scandal. Four out of seven board members are forced to leave, furthermore €10 billion have to be saved until 2022 for investment in electric cars.


La Stampa

Attack by Renzi: “With Macron, government is weak”

Former Prime Minister: It’s not Gentiloni’s fault, but the executive has a short horizon.


Gazeta Polska Codziennie

European Commission defends caste of judges

On Saturday 29 July, the European Commission informed about launching an infringement procedure against Poland regarding the Act on common courts. The representatives of the Polish government have already stated that they will not give in to Brussels’ diktat.


El Pais

Violence and abstention mark constituent assembly election called by President Maduro

Al least 9 people die in clashes over plan to impose a new assembly to replace the parliament.



New round of challenges

Third review, face-off with the IMF, second bond issuance, budget execution.


Malta Independent

Visas for Algerians: European Council urges Malta to ensure applicants will actually return home

The European Council has urged Malta to ensure that when its Consulate grants visas to Algerians, those receiving visas, which are, in effect, also visas to the whole Schengen Zone, have an actual will to return home, and they will not disappear into the wider European Union.



Funchal and Portimão to have weekly boat connection

Tender for ferryboat will be relaunched and will allow to transport people and goods between Madeira and the Mainland in less than 24 hours. Project already has “green light” from Brussels.


Dagens Nyheter

Here is the debt coast of Skåne

The Scanian debt mountain grows higher and higher. Over half of all adult Scanians have taken loans to finance a new home, where the average mortgage debt in Lund now sits at 3.65 annual wages.



Symbol of understanding

The Russian Chapel has been a unique monument to the friendship between the Slovenian and the Russian nation for decades.

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